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    Anatolian Shepherds come from the Turkish Anatolian Plateau and can be found across that region into Afghanistan.  The Anatolian was bred as a livestock guardian (not a herding dog) and will happily live his life in constant association with sheep or goats, or, as we have found, horses, llamas, deer, bison and children.  They are fiercely loyal and very intelligent with a long memory.   Anatolians are the perfect non-lethal answer to wolf and coyote predation.  Their presence on your farm or ranch will deter predators from even coming near your livestock.  Anatolians will only engage a predator if they are forced to do so.   By marking their territory, posturing, barking and chasing they will discourage predators first and will only fight if the threat  (predator) does not heed their warnings.

    Because of their size and possessive attitude toward family, property and livestock it is important that your Anatolian be well socialized--this is why we raise them with our family.  Adult male Anatolians will weigh in at 100-150 lbs., while females will weigh 80-120 lbs.  The Anatolian became the 143rd breed recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1995. 

terence and annie    In our experience, we have found Anatolians to be very loving & affectionate dogs who respond well to positive reinforcement.  They are eager to do what is right and please you, but are independent thinkers and may not always come when you call!  This is the type of dog that you will want to praise when it does get ready to come to you (they have usually smelled something they want to check out or want to say hello to the neighbor).  Yelling or physical abuse is never prescribed and can create a dog that feels threatened and will respond negatively.  During basic obedience they are very quick studies, and again, love, patience and the reward of petting along with a firm in-control voice will help your puppy recieve an A+.   We are in the habit of using love and affection as reward rather than food.
    All of our dogs are AKC registered and good examples of the breed.  They are healthy, well loved and cared for.  WE ARE NOT A PUPPY MILL.  We breed to improve the breed.  We will not always have a puppy when you want one.  But, we will always be there to help you if you do acquire a puppy or dog from us

. PRIOR to whelping, a $100.00 non-refundable deposit is due  
For further reading we recommend:  Livestock Protection Dogs; Selection, Care & Training.  by Orysia Dawydiak & David Sims.  Alpine Publishing, ISBN 1-57779-062-6

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