Akards’ Acres Anatolian Dog Sales Agreement
  (Please note that we MUST have photos of the environment the dog will go to and if we should find any misleadings in this after you have the pup/dog in your posession  you will be expected to relinquish ownership (the pup/dog & signed AKC transfer papers)  back to us without a refund.  This must be done to ensure each pup/dog's  safety and well-being)   
Date:  _________________________

This contract is between the Breeders:
  Alan Akard                                                     
  Akards’ Acres
  6167 U.S. Hwy.  380
  Bridgeport, TX  76426

And the Buyers:


For the purchase an Anatolian Shepherd Dog/Pup as described:

Sire: _________________________________AKC#__________________
DOB:__________________ Sex:  M   F    Color:______________________
Intended use:    livestock guardian_______    Companion______ 
                            Show______    Breeding______              

Total price of Dog/Puppy:    $            (companion & guardian)   $               (breeding or show)
Deposit of $___________ has been received for the puppy described above.  The balance of $____________ will be due when the puppy is picked up.  Deposits are nonrefundable but may be transferred to another litter if no puppies were born of the gender you requested.  Once you have selected a puppy your deposit will no longer be transferable.  This deposit will hold the selected puppy until 8 weeks of age.  If the puppy/dog  is not picked up or can’t be shipped because of weather, an additional fee of $8 per day will be charged to cover board, additional puppy vaccinations/worming and early training.

HEALTH GUARANTEE:  The puppy is guaranteed to have regular deworming, all shots recommended to age of puppy when picked up.  The puppy will be started on premium quality dry food.  The puppy is guaranteed to be free of genetic hip and eye defects.  The dog must be tested by a certified Veterinary Optometrist and CERF tested for the the eye guarantee to be valid.  The puppy must be fed a low protein diet (23% or less) from the age of 3-4 months to the age of 26 months and restricted from excessive stress on joints as a result of strenuous exercise for the Hip Guarantee to be valid.  The dog must be x-rayed and the x-rays sent to OFA or Penn HIP (including preliminary rating for pups not yet 2 years old) for certification and rating for the hip guarantee to be valid.  The  buyer is responsible for paying all costs associated with testing.  If the dog is diagnosed with PRA, CEA or CHD, the dog will be replaced with a new puppy.  The defective dog must be returned to the breeder.  If the breeder allows the buyer to keep the defective puppy/dog proof of neutering/spaying must be provided prior to replacement.  The replacement puppy and/or returning the defective puppy/dog must be done in person by the buyer.  The breeder is not responsible for any expenses related to the raising or training of the dog prior to hip and eye testing or for any veterinary costs.  Registration:  All Akards’ Acres ASD puppies will be registered with ASDCA and/ or AKC.  Concerning vaccinations:  Rabies vaccines and 5-way or 7-way vaccinations may not be administered in the same month-there must be one month between vaccinations.  Wormings should be done at least two weeks before or after other immunizations.  Failure to follow  this protocol will void this contract.  "Minimal Vaccine Use" by W. Jean Dodds, DVM will be included with your AKC papers and other paperwork. 

RETURN GUARANTEE:  If at any time during the life of your Akards’ Acres dog you find that you are unable to keep it, Akards’ Acres will take your dog back.    Upon return of your dog, Akards’ Acres will not reimburse you for the cost of the puppy, training or other expenses incurred prior to the return of the dog.  Delivery costs for shipping dogs back are the responsibility of the buyer.  The dog must be current on all shots and tested negative for Bordatella (kennel cough) prior to being brought to Akards’ Acres.  The dog/pup may not be euthanized without written permission from Akards' Acres.   If you re-home your dog we ask that you notify us of the change in ownership and  inform the new owners of this return guarantee.

USE AGREEMENT:  The buyer agrees to never use an Akards’ Acres ASD  for any purposes other than livestock guardian, farm/home guardian or companion.  They agree not to use the dog for guard purposes such as junkyard guarding, non-farm related business guarding, or any other job typically reserved for “guard” dogs.    If the buyer has any questions about what type of job is considered inappropriate, they are to contact Akards’ Acres  prior to placing the dog in that job.  If the dog is found to be engaged in any job deemed inappropriate, they will be returned to Akards’ Acres without reimbursement and at the buyer’s expense.

LIMITED USE AGREEMENT:  Akards' Acres has elected to provide a limited use agreement in lieu of a spay/ neuter contract for persons wishing to buy an Akards’ Acres Anatolian Shepherd (ASD) for use as a companion  dog (or any other non-breeding  use).  The buyer, therefore, has the option to either spay/neuter or leave intact the puppy described in this contract.  If the puppy remains intact, the buyer may not, under any circumstances, breed this dog to any other dog and produce a litter of puppies without the written consent of Akards’ Acres.  Alternatively, upon reciept of vet records showing that the dog was spayed or neutered Akards' Acres will reimburse the buyer $65.00.

SHIPPING:  The buyer understands that once a puppy or dog is delivered to the departing airport,  Akards’ Acres is no longer responsible for its safety, health or well-being.  It is the choice, solely, of the buyer to ship their puppy/dog and that Akards’ Acres is not responsible for any problems incurred during shipping or after as a result of shipping.

I, the undersigned, understand and agree to all of the terms specified in the above contract.

Breeder Signature: __________________________________________________

Buyer Signature: ____________________________________________________

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