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Contact Info:

Alan & Carrie Akard
6167 U. S. Hwy. 380
Bridgeport, TX  76426


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Hi Carrie, D Lallas here from CA. Just wanted to inform you that 'Zeus' is doing
great he's an amazing boy both protective and loving and a big ol bear.
Thank you for such a wonderful gift!
D Lallas

Hello Carrie,
<>   Berk has settled in very well.  He is a very quick learner,
  and very well behaved.  The climate change has not seemed
 to affect him at all.  On the long trip home from Calgary, Berk
and I got to know each other very well, and are quite bonded. 
 Most of our drive we were driving in a snow storm,  it started
at the airport and we drove through a lot of weather.He never
noticed or cared.  He seems to love all the animals,  but he
 is not to sure of all the bigger cows.
  Thank you for all your  work and  care.
 From J Barnfield     Thanks

After looking into various options we decided to try getting an LGD.  I was leaning towards the Anatolian Shepard after having met someone who had one.  I was impressed at how he watched us when visiting.  He didn't bark or act up, just silently and steadily watched.

We wanted to get if possible a trained ASD.  We did also want a puppy to raise up for the yard/house area.  In our attempts to located someone who had ASDs,  we found  Alan who only lived about 20 mins from us and thus we acquired Daisy.

I can not say enough about Daisy.  She has totally amazed me!  We introduced her to the cows and in about a day and a half she was out full time with them.  She bonded immediately with the calves.  Our two full size Jerseys gave her some "lip" so to speak and she finally put them in their place.  On the most part they now respect her. Naturally during all this intro time my questions and concerns where numerous and I sent Alan many pms regarding what was going on. The answer was always Daisy is doing what she is suppose to do!

This am we had our first calf born here.  Daisy stayed by the mom the entire time. She helped mom clean up the calf, helped take care of the after birth and watched over them as the calf got her strength and started to nurse.

Mom and calf moved out to our pasture with Daisy along side.  Daisy has been keeping the big cows away from the baby as it learns to walk and move about.

I can not say enough or praise Daisy enough!  She is absolutely all I could ever ask for!  She and I have bonded too and when I go out to feed she comes running, wagging her tail and says hello then right back to her job.

I am totally sold on the Anatolian and especially on Alan's dogs (obviously prejudice LOL).  His knowledge and expertise have helped teach me what to expect and how to handle a variety of issues that come up during the learning (mostly my learning) process!

Our pup is not from Alan as I got him before I knew Alan so am hoping he will turn out even half as good as Daisy!  We are in the process of cking on adding another to the pasture due to the pitbull situation - two can handle a pit better than one! We are investigating a GP that is a rescue and has been evaluated as an LGD.  She will have to do a lot to even come close to Daisy!

To anyone thinking about adding a LGD I can't tell you how great they are!  Daisy is one amazing dog!


Annie Update!‏
She's doing great, just getting bigger everytime we turn around! She weighed in at about 123 pounds a month ago, and it's a good thing she doesn't know how powerful she is, or she'd jump the fence! She loves playing on the trampoline and trips to the river (She's quite a swimmer) Annie loves people, especially little people, and gets along with the cats, chickens, and guinea hens very well. We are enjoying her a lot, and there are pictures attached. :) Happy Easter!
God Bless