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Llamas For Sale
 $150 each, males or females.

(buy more than one and save $25 each)
located in North Texas

      Llamas naturally dislike coyotes, wolves and strange dogs--or even your own dogs if they get too intent on herding your Llamas.  If a Llama feels threatened or irritated enough it will stop running and face what's chasing it!  They are fun animals to watch as they are naturally very curious and alert.  Many people keep Llamas for their hair, which makes a fine yarn, or as companions for themselves or for other animals.  Llamas seem to have the attitude "you leave me alone, I'll leave you alone and we'll coexist happily!"  And, yes Llamas do spit, but not usually at humans, usually at each other.  In warmer states, spring shearing is strongly recommended as Llamas can succumb to high temperatures.  In South America the Llama is used as a pack animal, for its wool and for meat.   Llamas also create their own dung piles making collection of their fertilizer convenient.


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