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We currently do not have any buffalo available

contrary to what many people think,  buffalo can be kept behind the same fencing that will keep cattle.  So Long as a buffalo has plenty of water, food and a herd (buffalo or cattle will do for that) he is happy to stay home.  
Check back with us for availability
The sire "Tank" is pictured Below.  He weighs approximately 2600 lbs.
Tank is mellow enough to gently eat cattle cubes from your hand.
  We have a small herd of American Bison, better known as Buffalo.  At certain times we will have weaned bull or cow calves for sale.  Buffalo meat is leaner than cattle, is darker in
appearance, very nutritious and delicious.  Buffalo can live to be 35 years of age if fed on grasses only.   Please contact us if you are interested in acquiring an American treasure. 

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